3 Tech Recruiting Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

As each new year begins, the recruiting industry gears up for fresh talent and new opportunities and plans strategies to overcome challenges. It would be an understatement to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted the way industries operate, and some businesses are still reeling from it.

The recent years have seen some interesting changes in the talent acquisition industry and hiring trends in technology which has given rise to innovative processes. From remote recruiting and onboarding to working from home, all of us have had to adapt to the changes and it is time to prepare for the new year. Let us take a look at three tech recruiting trends to look forward to in 2022.

Tech Recruiting Trends Set To Change The Process in 2022

  1. Data-driven recruiting
    By using real-time analytics and insights, the hiring teams can gain valuable insights into talent pools and potential candidates. These insights should be used to develop strategies that will give the organization an edge over its competitors and help them in recruiting tech talent from all across the globe. Besides data-driven insights and analytics, companies also need to make the most of automation to simplify the tech recruiting process.

Remote recruiting and tech hiring platforms like HackerEarth allows businesses to source, assess, interview, and upskill top tech talent with ease.

2. Candidate-driven market
The biggest hiring trend in technology we have noticed in the past couple of years, and one that is here to stay in 2022 is a shift to a candidate-driven market. It has become apparent that due to the disparity in the number of open positions and highly skilled tech workers, candidates now have the upper hand and hold more power. They have many opportunities to choose from which makes it easy for them to negotiate salary, leaves, and other perks and benefits. Competition is fierce and recruiters need to work twice as hard to attract and onboard tech talent if they want to thrive.

3. Employee retention

2021 saw what we call “The Great Resignation” due to the high number of employees who quit their jobs. In today’s candidate-driven market, it has become more important than ever for companies to hold on to their top talent. Instead of constantly being on the lookout for new candidates and recruiting tech talent, it is more productive and cost-efficient to retain existing employees and give them a chance to grow within the organization. From offering stipends for certifications and conducting training programs to allowing and encouraging internal mobility, leaders must offer opportunities for employees to move up the corporate ladder or risk losing their brightest minds.

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