3 Things To Know About Remote Proctoring

  1. Live:
    Live remote proctoring is a form of proctoring in which a qualified person monitors the candidate as they take an exam through live audio and video feeds. These proctors are trained to ensure authenticity, looking for any red flags such as suspicious eyes or facial movements.
  2. Recorded:
    As the name suggests, with recorded proctoring, the candidate is recorded while taking the test and the recordings are then played back to look for suspicious behavior. This form of proctoring has an advantage in that there’s no need to schedule appointments since the tests can be taken anytime as convenient for the candidate.
  3. Automated:
    This form of proctoring is the most advanced and requires no manual intervention whatsoever. With the help of AI, the remote proctoring software will detect any unusual movements or malpractices during the exam.
  • Complex technology requirements and stable internet connection might not be possible for test-takers in remote areas
  • Heightened student anxiety especially in those who are not comfortable with technology and prefer traditional test-taking methods
  • Scheduling and booking restrictions

3 Things To Know About Proctoring Remotely

1. The online proctoring market is projected to reach US$ 1,187.57 million by 2027

2. The USA has the largest sales region for Online Exam Proctoring in the world

3. AI has transformed the online proctoring market

  1. API-based facial recognition can verify the candidate’s identity and prevent any misconduct
  2. The audio facility allows the software to record all sound throughout the exam, including talking and background noise
  3. Eye movement detection is also used as a security measure in AI-powered proctoring software
  4. The facial detection capabilities ensure that there is no case of candidate switching during the course of the exam

Make your online assessments cheat-proof with HackerEarth

  1. Random webcam snapshots:
    Randomized webcam snapshots are a great way to catch any type of malpractice attempt, like peering into another screen or verbal communication with someone in the room.
  2. Custom timers :
    Timers are a great way to keep the candidates focused and discourage them from wasting time or cheating.
  3. Plagiarism Checker:
    Our system automatically investigates each candidate’s code against all other applicant submissions for the same test and can track unusual similarities. You don’t need any human intervention — just sit back while this advanced software does its job and looks out for any plagiarized content that has been flagged.
  • To protect against cheating, you can limit access to certain IP addresses
  • The Copy and Paste feature in the code editor can be disabled
  • Upon leaving the test environment, the candidate will be automatically logged out
  • Negative marking could be used during the MCQ questions
  • Candidates can be restricted to full-screen mode for the entire assessment
  • Built-in mobile phone detection plus automatic impersonation detection to ensure authenticity



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