Common Virtual Recruiting Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

4 min readAug 10, 2022


The perks of working from home definitely outweigh what working in an office environment has to offer. From travel time being eliminated to offering people flexible working timings, the concept of working from home is being welcomed by all. In fact, as per a report by Flexjobs, 65% of their respondents want to work remotely even after the pandemic.

Although the benefits of virtual recruiting can be many, it does come with its own set of downsides. For example, the task of recruiting the right people becomes quite the hassle. Even with automated screening processes, it can be quite challenging to choose the right candidate.

Here are some of the key pitfalls you may encounter while hiring candidates online:

Lack of a plan

Having a great plan increases the chances of you hiring the best candidate and it also makes the process much more efficient, also with a good plan you can leverage the benefits of virtual recruiting. it further helps in showcasing your organization’s professionalism. The effectiveness of online recruitment can be improved with a well-thought-out plan in place.

Here are a few tips you ought to keep in mind:

Lack of dependable clear communication

Although in the world of virtual recruitment you get the opportunity to interact with more candidates, the quality of those interactions may not be up to the mark.

When it comes to virtual recruiting, you don’t get the option to meet your candidate in person, rather, you have to set an online meeting by sending him an invite for the same and you can only go ahead with the interview when the applicant accepts the invitation.

Apart from this, once the interview has been accepted, recruiters must ensure they have a stable internet connection to make sure the interview session is not hampered in any way.

Not making use of the right tools

This is probably the most important point, not making use of the right tools. One of the main benefits of virtual recruiting is that you have the option to use great tools for every part of the recruitment process.

But it will only pay off if you’ve used the right tools. Virtual recruiting platforms have a plethora of features and benefits, such as virtual assessment tools, tools to improve candidates’ interview experience, and many more. If you’re going to make use of these tools, you should make yourself familiar with using these tools.

If you’re looking for great HR tech tools for hiring, HackerEarth is your one-stop-shop for it. From hackathons that help you engage with the developer community to real-time coding assessments with built-in code editing and custom questions, you can use our tools to improve your recruitment process and to give your candidates a great interview experience.

Making a decision quickly

Making hasty decisions can hinder anything for you. Decisions, especially when it comes to recruitment, must be taken in a calculated manner.

To make calculated decisions, you must have the right answer, and similarly to get the answers, you must ask the right questions.

You can only understand your candidates well if you’ve asked them the right set of questions. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see the candidate personally, the way they present themselves and talk on screen can tell you a lot about them.

You should understand if the candidate has understood the expectations of the organization and determine if he’s excited about it or not.

Small details such as these can go a long way in helping you find the best fit. Here’s a pro tip, record the online interview and take a look at it again before making a decision.

Not following up with the candidate

A key thing to remember is always to keep your candidates in the loop after the interview. This is a common mistake a lot of recruiters make and they shouldn’t, by doing so recruiters may miss out on the best candidates.

Inform your candidates about what is the next step and give them a tentative date of when it will be scheduled. Inform your candidates if they’re selected for the further rounds or not. Applicants respect recruiters who keep them in the loop throughout the process.

Here are a few tips you can take into consideration:

  • Use recruitment tools to send feedback
  • Always tell your candidates if they’re selected or not. In the event, they’re not, inform your candidates as to why they couldn’t make it into the organization and give feedback for improvement.
  • Schedule your interview well in advance, you can use virtual recruitment tools for the same.

Virtual recruitment can definitely help you get better results when compared to offline recruitment. For the best results, you must understand the importance of charting out a recruitment strategy that is in sync with the organization’s work process, and with that, you must make use of assessment platforms, like HackerEarth. With tools to screen, interview, upskill, and engage candidates, it levels up your recruitment game.

Considering the above-mentioned factors, you will be able to recruit the best candidates without much hassle.

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