Hire The Best Coders For Your Team With HackerEarth’s Coding Assessment

What to look for in a technical recruiting platform

  1. It should help you assess the coding proficiency that is required for the role. It is not necessary that a data scientist come with the same technical knowledge as a JAVA developer. Hence, assessments should be realistic and relevant to the role being hired for.
  2. When you hire a coder, you need to look beyond the code. Skills are a must-have, but it is also important to be a good communicator and problem solver.
  3. Another important aspect of a coding assessment tool is that it empowers recruiters, and helps make hiring faster and more objective. While coding assessment platforms enhance the candidate experience, it is also important to keep in mind their effect on the recruitment team.

How to hire the best coders with HackerEarth’s coding assessment tool

  1. Upload the JD for the role they are hiring for, let the platform parse through the skill requirements, and create an automated test.
  2. Choose questions for specific skills from our library of 13,000+ coding questions. When you hire coders online, it is very important to be as specific as possible and assess relevant skills. Our question library can help you do that easily.
  3. Add custom questions so that the test is very realistic and provides the candidate with an accurate depiction of the day-to-day responsibilities. This may be important when you are making lateral hires.

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