Hiring DEV Talent: SQL Interview Questions

How Technical Recruiters Can Step Up Their Game

Set Clear Expectations

Use Real-World Problems

  • Adaptability
  • Creative thinking
  • Analytical thinking

Look Beyond Technical Skills

Use Tools

Online Tech Forums and Communities

Sample SQL Interview Questions

  1. List out the standard SQL commands.
  2. Explain the different subsets of SQL
  3. Explain what Relational Database Management Is
  4. List out the differences between outer join and inner join
  5. How does data normalization work and what is its purpose?
  6. What Is Union?
  7. What is a UNIQUE constraint? Explain.
  8. How do you copy one table to another?
  9. How do you insert a row for identity column implicity?
  10. Explain the difference between multiple-row functions and single-row functions
  11. What would be the output of the below-mentioned query of an employee table with 10 records?
  1. What is an execution plan? How do you view it and use it?
  2. Given below is a customer table with data for which you must write one SQL statement link and sequence customer names in the following single semicolon-separated string
  1. Explain the difference between varchar2 and char?
  2. What is the NVL function in SQL? How is it different from NVL2?
  3. Give the SQL statement for the below
  4. In the below mentioned table



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