How Hackathons Could Improve Your Hiring

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According to a recent survey, 40% of companies are using hackathons to hire new tech talent.

Hackathons are especially great in today’s remote-first scenario. Having said that, many companies that still haven’t organized a hackathon don’t know how one can benefit them with respect to their hiring needs.

After all, it is just a coding competition, right?


A hackathon is much more than just a simple coding competition. Hackathon recruiting is not only real, it is becoming increasingly popular. Companies that don’t spend time understanding and implementing the hackathon hiring process will soon find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

In this quick guide, we will outline all the ways a hackathon can benefit your tech hiring process.

Without further delay, let’s dive right into what makes hackathons one of the hottest hiring trends in technology:

#1 Establish Your Business As A Corporate Brand

Hackathons, from the perspective of a brand, offer a great opportunity to build brand awareness in the overall developer community. With Hackathons, companies can showcase their products and/or services in a better light than advertising ever could.

#2 Find And Hire Great Talent

Hackathons attract some of the best minds in the developer community. Not only can brands find and hire top talent through hackathons, but they can also use them to create a pool of talent suited for future roles.

Besides helping brands ascertain the level of development skills possessed by individual developers, Hackathons also help companies see how developers perform in teams. Since most development projects are heavily dependent on efficient team collaboration, this is an important metric on which developers can be evaluated.

The best part is, that Hackathons, when organized using a tech hiring platform, can help brands attract the best talent from all across the globe. This essentially erases the limitation of brands having to work with developers in their area or country.

#3 Get Industry Experts On Board

Industry experts and seasoned developers often judge and mentor teams in hackathons. This presents a unique opportunity for brands to connect with industry leaders and invite them to their hackathons.

This, in turn, helps brands build the connections needed to hire top-of-the-shelf development talent for their project needs.


These were just some of the many ways a hackathon can aid your tech hiring endeavors. Now, you may be wondering how to conduct a hackathon. Having a dependable partner on your side can make all the difference. Here’s a superb guide on the subject.

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