How To Do Tech Recruitment Marketing Efficiently?

7 min readApr 14, 2023

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Indeed it’s true that 2020 was a tough year for the whole world to handle. However, the adverse effect of the pandemic also created new opportunities for people. It changed the way companies work. Remote working suddenly became the talk of the town. Even after the pandemic, the craze of remote working only kept growing. There are plenty of benefits and flexibility that remote work provides employees and companies with.

Employers started to use online management tech to efficiently manage their employees who were working remotely. Furthermore, remote hiring or online recruitment has also grown simultaneously with remote working. It has become a priority for recruiters and the HR team, but mainly, it has become a priority for job seekers. To land talented candidates, you need to offer them the flexibility of working from home. This is where tools like applicant tracking systems, online coding assessments, recruiting CRM software, and so on, step in to make hiring easier and quicker.

Also, good talent acquisition software provides a recruitment marketing platform for your recruiting team to efficiently source, attract, engage, and hire the best suitable candidates.

Hiring top-tech talent is the highest priority of companies nowadays. In addition, the two factors, tech recruiters and online recruitment software have become an indispensable part of the process. Let’s understand what tech recruitment is and how to market it.

What is tech recruitment?

Tech recruitment is the process of sourcing, attracting, screening, engaging, and hiring talent for IT and technical roles. Recruiters need to have the technical knowledge and the ability to deal with technical people to interact with them.

Generally, tech recruiters approach recruitment by discovering and assessing suitable candidates and presenting them to hiring managers to reach realistic technical recruitment goals.

AI-powered recruiting software, such as applicant tracking systems, remote coding interview tools, and recruiting CRMs, has become a boon for recruiters and hiring teams. This recruitment automation software also helps in recruitment marketing.

What is tech recruitment marketing?

Tech recruitment marketing is practiced by tech recruiters to prepare to source, attract, engage, and hire candidates for tech roles. Following are the top tech recruitment marketing practices that you can implement to hire qualified talent.

Top tech recruitment marketing strategies for 2023

Tech recruiters need to have two essential skills, technical knowledge of the particular role and people skills. These skills are vital for tech recruiters who want to hire the best talent. Besides these two vital skills, recruiters must know the strategic approach to market their tech recruitment to hire top-notch talent.

1. A tech-savvy career page makes a difference

Nowadays, almost every candidate goes through the website of a company before applying to it. A survey by HR Dive found that 61% of job seekers visit company sites before applying. It is essential for recruiters to put compelling content on the career page of the website.

Recruiters can be creative and post videos of current employees talking about the positive work culture of the company, or they can put refreshing memories of company outings or a trip. A career site is a great way to convey the company’s culture.

The structure of the site is essential to attract tech talent. The blog page of the company could be a great help in giving an overview of the company’s values. Recruiters can send those blog articles to the applicants to show what the company really made of.

2. Effectively promote your employer’s brand

A survey by Glassdoor found that 69% of job seekers say that a company’s reputation is a vital factor, and they would not accept a job offer from a company with a bad reputation. Also, shockingly, 84% would consider leaving their current jobs if offered another role with a company with an excellent reputation. Hence, it is incredibly important for every organization to showcase a positive image to attract and retain top talent. Recruiters can encourage current employees to add a good review about your firm on a review platform as candidates look at it while applying for a job.

In addition, there are many ways to enhance employer branding. The following are the ways to create a powerful employer brand.

  1. Create a strong onboarding and personalized training process for new hires.
  2. Focus on improving the company’s values, vision, and culture.
  3. Build a strong diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative.
  4. Leveraging social media to promote the values and unique beneficial points your firm offers.
  5. Share videos on social media platforms and job boards of your current employees talking about your amazing work culture.
  6. Engage and interact with the candidates often while hiring and provide a positive candidate experience.
  7. Offer the opportunity to learn new skills and development programs.

3. Take part in local and online tech communities

Companies must participate in local social events that tech talent is known to attend. This way, the company can increase its brand visibility and build better relationships with its target audience.

On the other hand, online communities like GitHub are hotbeds of talent, and tech recruiters should spend some time scouting for suitable candidates here.

According to a StackOverflow survey, over 90% of developers use GitHub and recommend that it is a profound tool for developers. You need to increase engagement and interaction on such platforms to source and hire top-quality talent.

4. Organize in-person or virtual tech events

Recruiters can also arrange local and virtual tech fairs and invite tech talent to join these informative and educational events. These virtual or local events are essential for tech recruiters and companies to build and strengthen their network, which they could use in the future to hire the best people for growth.

Tech recruiters can use online tools such as vFAIRS to organize online or hybrid career events to connect with tech talent.

5. Create exciting employee referral programs

Indeed, it’s true that skilled people know skilled people. According to a survey by Recruiter — an employer solution providing web found Employee referral programs can save companies $3,000 or more per hire! Recruiters or employers must set up employee referral programs by providing benefits and perks to those who recommend suitable candidates to the company. Also, one thing employers must keep in mind is that they must keep the employee referral transparent for the employees.

6. Build practical social recruiting strategies

Social recruiting has become the talk of the town because almost everyone uses social media nowadays. According to CareerArc, 86% of job seekers use social media in their job search to search for relevant jobs, apply to jobs directly from social sites, and engage with job-related content. Hence, recruiters must build practical strategies for social media and job boards to reach diverse candidates.

Following are some key strategies recruiters and HRs can apply to get the maximum advantages to advertising tech recruitment.

  1. Increase the visibility (traffic) of your website
  2. Post content on your site to attract the relevant audience. In this case, tech-related content can attract more people who are curious and passionate about technology.
  3. Build strong relationships with candidates on social media platforms
  4. Arrange educational and informative virtual or local events for job seekers
  5. Indeed, it’s true that skilled people know skilled people. Thus, you must use your employee network wisely to find and hire the most suitable people.

7. Run ads to increase brand awareness

Recruiters can reach a new relevant audience through social media and advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook touch and Instagram to raise the company’s awareness. They can run Ads and target users based on the factors such as their current job titles, education level, interests, and location. This Ad campaign helps the hiring teams to target the prospects they want to attract in that specific location.

8. Develop and nurture a strong talent pool

Recruiters actively discover and engage with suitable candidates even if the company is not hiring at the moment. Recruiters add the data of potential candidates to the talent pool database. When a specific requirement or a post is open, they can easily reach those candidates. Also, it allows them to engage with prospects who are passive candidates. Recruiters and HR teams can use recruitment software such as an Applicant Tracking System.

To manage the talent pool efficiently. Also, they can add candidates to the talent from employee referral portals in ATS. This way, recruiters can effectively manage the talent pool.

Final thoughts on tech recruitment marketing

With the rising evolution of technology, the hiring industry has transformed exponentially. Indeed, it’s true that leveraging the right strategy to advertise your job efficiently is incredibly important. It provides you with plenty of benefits for your company. For example, it allows you to hire top candidates and stay ahead of cut-throat competition. Recruitment marketing will enable you to attract a diverse range of candidates.

In this article, we’ve covered key marketing strategies that will be immensely helpful to recruiters in marketing their open positions to candidates far and wide. These strategies will enable them to attract, hire, and retain quality candidates within the company.




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