How You Can Leverage Candidate Experience To Attract Top Talent

Hiring in the hybrid world — the dos and don’ts

  • Proper communication and flexibility: As part of the talent acquisition team, we are always concerned with providing a transparent overview of the process to our internal stakeholders, but we care less about providing the same to our candidates. No wonder then, that many candidates complain of recruiters ‘ghosting’ them. Hiring is not Halloween, so let’s keep the tricks away and treat our applicants to regular updates, please!
  • Leveraging the EVP to source the best talent outside traditional locations: The ‘Employee Value Proposition’ document is also an important weapon to utilize in the war to win top talent. A customer shops for value, and a candidate, too, joins a company where they see the most value. This goes beyond compensation and can be exemplified through growth and learning opportunities (like an L&D program), the core values of the company, employee-centric programs, mental wellness, and other benefits. If it’s in your EVP, don’t hesitate to talk about it and use it as part of your ‘WOW’ game plan.
  • Create a tech-enabled candidate experience strategy to efficiently engage with a larger talent pool. This will help weed out the latency and delay that comes with a manual-only process. Using the right technology is at the center of elevating an organization’s hiring practice and the experience of candidates.
  • To keep your selection process bias-free, objectivity is key. This comes from using the right tools, but also from ensuring that hiring managers and recruiters are aware of the cognitive biases that can come up during a F2F interview. Since this is the last phase before hiring, it is important to provide an unbiased environment for the candidate to perform at their best and showcase their talent without discrimination.



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