Interview Questions To Ask Cybersecurity Candidates

Importance of a thorough tech interview

Interview questions to ask cybersecurity candidates

#1 — State your personal achievements and certifications in cybersecurity.

#2 — Tell us, If you were a hacker, how would you steal our information?

#3 — What is effective cybersecurity? How would you quantify it?

#4 — When building firewalls, do you choose closed ports or filtered ports? Explain why

#5 — Tell us about a time when you had to resolve an issue after finding a vulnerability issue in your company’s server.

#6 — If there was a massive security breach? How would you inform your superiors of the situation?

#7 — Tell us about how well you work with a team. Give an example as well.

#8 — Did you ever identify an incoming cyber-attack? If so, how did you handle the same?

#9 — What do you use in your home network?

#10 — What do you think is this organization’s cybersecurity risk?

#11 — If you were our cybersecurity expert, what would you want from our company to get the job done?

#12 — How will you prevent a brute-force attack?

#13 — Has there been an instance where you’ve taken down your company’s network while testing?

#14 — Are cybersecurity certifications the most important?

#15 — Do you have an emergency procedure in place?

#16 — What is the difference between IDS and IPS?

#17 — Explain system hardening.

#18 — Polymorphic viruses: What are they?

#19 — Explain active reconnaissance.

#20 — How would you strengthen our company’s cyber defense?



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