Role of AI In Hiring Software Engineers

How does AI-based recruitment solve hiring challenges?

Components of an AI recruitment strategy for software engineers

  • Pre-screening chatbots: AI conversational chatbots can bridge the gap between the recruiter and the applicant. It replaces the “recruiter phone screen” stage in the hiring process and screens candidates with a human touch. Built with evolving NLP technology, it screens a candidate’s ability to fit into their contesting roles by recognizing their pattern of communication.
  • Resume parser: The resume parser scans candidate resumes and social media profiles to analyze their experience and education. It generates specific codes and parses information according to the organization’s competitive shortlisting guidelines. It also categorizes a few samples for further processing and internally sorts them to produce the required output.
  • Filtering: The resume samples are further filtered based on custom criteria of age, background, qualification, etc., and forwarded to the concerned team. This candidate data can be stored in the cloud using reliant blockchain technology. The samples are clustered together to obtain a small set of profiles submitted for final evaluation.
  • Automated panel assignment: As the profiles finalize, an automated evaluator panel is assigned to individual candidates for further screening. Softwares such as Greenhouse recruiting and Skillate help connect evaluators with candidates for additional rounds of interviews. Such cloud-based solutions aid in faster execution of interview rounds and declaration of results while saving up time and effort.
  • Automated candidate assessment: Candidates usually appear for a pre-assembled cognitive aptitude test to check their cross-skill ability. Now companies are preparing these tests using AI writing tools that curate extremely logical questions to test candidates’ reasoning ability.
  • Automated candidate scoring: After the test, the machine learning algorithm analyzes the correctness of every answer and populates an unbiased and trustworthy score. It recommends the score to the assigned panel, which then amends it to a normalized score.
  • Personalized campaigns: Given the success of candidate evaluation, the system rolls out offer letters to selected software engineers with a note of personalization to make them feel connected and satisfied with their achieved milestone.
  • Dashboard and analytics: Advanced reports track every stage of the recruitment funnel and provide data-driven metrics regarding hiring campaigns to optimize future outreaches.

Investment funding to build better AI recruitment solutions

The promise of a better-engineered workforce



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