Top 3 Challenges in Assessing and Hiring Full-Stack Developers

1. Misaligned Expectations

Despite the breadth of their skillset, full-stack developers are not all the same. A one-size-fits-all approach to hiring will end in a misalignment of talent. Far too often, recruiters and hiring managers mistakenly assume that a full stack developer should be able to do it all, without understanding that some full-stack roles need specialization as much as they need an extensive understanding of the entire software chain.

2. The Complexity of Building Customized Assessments

Even if an organization understands the specific needs for a full stack developer position, with all these different stacks and technologies, assessing a customized combination is no walk in the park. Each organization’s technology stack is specific to them, so its full-stack assessments require a high level of customization.

3. Difficulties Proctoring Full Stack Assessments

The final challenge while hiring a full-stack developer is proctoring a comprehensive and customized assessment. Full-stack development, by its nature, touches on the full spectrum of application development — from the back-end all the way to the user-facing front-end. To demonstrate full-stack proficiency, candidates need to build an entire application from scratch, or at least demonstrate that they can. As a result, a full-stack assignment can go on for hours, days, and sometimes even weeks.

Assessing Your Full-Stack Swiss Army Knife

Even the best Swiss Army Knife can’t replace all specialized tools. If you need to cut a log in half, say, it would be prudent to use a saw instead. However, organizations have seen the benefits of attracting the perfect comprehensive array of skills condensed into a single developer who can do many things. Flexibility and agility are certainly important virtues heading into 2021.



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