Ways to Conduct A Technical Interview

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Conducting a technical interview became a complex problem overnight as tech companies all over the world embraced remote working.

While things are fortunately better now, the remote working and hiring trends are here to stay. Thankfully, with the right kind of innovation and by using the right tools, you can ensure that the new remote working trend does not have a negative influence on the quality of your technical recruits.

So, if you have been wondering how to conduct technical interviews in a virtual environment, this article is for you. Without further delay, let’s jump right in:

Conduct An Online Coding Assessment

Online coding assessments are great for testing the programming skills of developers. The best thing about such assessments is that on platforms like HackerEarth, they can be customized to mimic real-world problems that the programmer may have to face during the tenure of one of their future projects.

Such an assessment allows the interviewer to gauge the candidate’s ability to understand a specific problem and watch them use their problem-solving skills in real time.

Use Pair Programming Sessions

Pair programming sessions are quite similar to online coding assessments. The major difference is that pair programming sessions are a mixture of a video interview and a coding assessment. The interviewer presents the candidate with a problem and the candidate is expected to solve the problem in real-time.

Pair programming sessions can be effectively conducted using FaceCode. The intelligent coding interview platform allows for the easy creation of assessments and assessment environments and offers recruiters the ability to present candidates with a consistent virtual technical interview process.

Online Video Interviews

Online coding assessments are important, but not nearly enough for making hiring decisions. Technical interview best practices dictate that the coding assessments should be followed by an in-person interview. This is where online video interviews become relevant.

A tool like FaceCode can prove to be incredibly useful for online video interviews. Having said that, the platform only takes care of connecting the interviewer to the candidate. Interviewers must prepare for such interviews. In fact, this part is just as important as it is for the candidate to prepare for their interview.

Interviewers must study the candidate before the interview and provide them with relevant resources in advance. This will allow the candidate to be truly prepared and the interview conversation to be focused and productive.


These were a few ways to conduct online technical interviews with effectiveness and efficiency. Did we miss mentioning any tips or methods that have worked well for you? Share them in the comment section below.

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